Promotion of Collaborative Research between Industry and the University

The Division of University Corporate Relations supports various research-related activities between industry and the University of Tokyo, such as collaborative research as well as entrusted research. Our division will provide support such as examination of agreement contents required for collaborative research activities, searching for the best partner for the solution to problems that companies are facing, exploration of new themes for collaborative research and the networking for university–industry relationships.


Starting Collaborative Research/ Entrusted Research

The Division of University Corporate Relations actively promotes collaborative research and entrusted research with the private sector in order to create excellent research results, which can then in turn be passed back to society. Every year the University of Tokyo accepts over 3,000 themes for collaborative and entrusted research, and every department of DUCR works diligently to provide support so that a research agreement can be quickly reached.

Proprius 21 Plus 

In order to be able to provide an appropriate collaborative research partners to meet the requirements of university-industry relationships, DUCR provides a variety of tailor-made coordination services. We provide opportunities for university–industry collaboration by matching seeds to business strategies throughout the various phases from discovery of new technology (searching for appropriate research seeds) to development for implementation through to commercialization. We make every effort to formulate mutually agreeable research plans to meet the needs of the various organizational relationships based on the variety of requests from companies.

UCR Proposal

The University Corporate Relations Proposal (UCR Proposal) proposes collaborative research themes from researchers at the University of Tokyo. Our aim is to disseminate the research seeds accumulated in the University widely to society so that we will be able to create diverse university-industry collaborations. Currently we have about 1,600 suggested proposals listed on the web, which is the largest database of this kind in Japan. Keyword research is available or please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. Please visit our web site if you are interested in collaboration with the University of Tokyo.

Consortium Salon

As a kind of plaza activity before planning university corporate relations, we have prepared a scheme in order to focus individual issues and actual problems which companies are interested in or facing through piles of discussion by university–industry collaboration activities.In the process of these steps, we are looking forward to the good results, such as collaborative research, project proposals, applications to national projects and policy recommendations, etc.

Science and Technology Exchange Forum

Science and Technology Exchange Forum intends to find the solutions for “the technical problem to be solved” for society and the economy in the near future. We expect the Forum will give a good opportunity for university corporate relations to form cross-section teams among specialized fields and industries, to plan and to execute collaboration activity between industry and the University.

Support for COI Program Activities

The Center of Innovation (COI) program is a supporting program during the period of up to 9 fiscal years for challenging and high-risk research and development which leads the social image of coming over the next decade we should aim.

The Technology Liaison Fellow (TLF) Training Program is a program for Japanese local government employees. The purpose is to develop experts who promote and administer University-industry-governments partnership. In addition to lectures by professors at the University of Tokyo with abundant achievements and external lecturers active in the front lines of each field, On-the-Job Training such as the execution of collaborative research creation and discovery of cooperative proposal themes has been provided through interviews with faculty researchers.

University Corporate Relations Network, The University of Tokyo

University Corporate Relations Network is an interactive platform between industry and the University, which promotes exchange of opinions among the members.

Boeing Higher Education Program

Division of University Corporate Relations is also involved in human resource development through collaborative relationships between industry and the University. Since 2012, the University of Tokyo has received grants from the Higher Education Program from Boeing in the United States and the division supports the activity.

Under this grants, School of Engineering executed following activities in 2012 and 2013.

  • Project · Based · Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Outreach Activity for Teenagers

School of Engineering: Boeing Higher Education Program
Boeing University Relations