Protection, Management, and Licensing of Intellectual Property


The University of Tokyo actively encourages technology transfer to industry in accordance with the following policy.
The University of Tokyo Intellectual Properties Policy (Revised September 2004)
Intellectual property that is subject to technology transfer includes patent rights, utility model rights, software copyrights, design rights, Layout-Design Exploitation Right, plant breeder's rights, technical know-how, and materials obtained from research.

Contributing to Society through Returning Research Results
The results of the intellectually creative research at the University of Tokyo should be returned to society without delay and be utilized.
For the University, this kind of social activity is as important mission as education or research.
The Practical Application of the Cycle of Intellectual Property Creation
If the output of research is deemed to be important enough to be protected as intellectual property, it is also appropriate to build and use a system to promote the proliferation of such intellectual property, ensuring that it contributes to society, and reinvesting any resulting funds into new research activities.
Creation of New Research Activities
DUCR proactively endeavors to return the research result to society, to produce research that meets the demands of society, and to improve the University's relationship with society.
At the same time, an appropriate income from technology transfers gives the creators of intellectual property incentives and hence facilitates the promotion of research that may become the source of new contributions to society.


Roles and Operation

The Office of Intellectual Property Management is the executive office of the University of Tokyo Intellectual Property Policy. The office systematically handles the securing of rights, the management and the practical application of intellectual property such as Employment-related Inventions.

Operation of the Office of Intellectual Property Management

The Office of Intellectual Property Management cooperates with TODAI TLO, Ltd., and corporate lawyers to perform the following mission.

Making Decisions about Organizational Ownership
The office decides whether or not particular intellectual property should be owned by the University.
The office gives advice on various questions regarding patent applications.
Managing Intellectual Property
The office manages the whole process of securing intellectual property, from patent application and registration to maintenance.
Transferring of Technologies
The office licenses patent rights to private companies and distributes the resultant income to the inventor and the department he or she belongs to.
Handling Legal Affairs
The office inspects collaborative research contracts and handles any related legal issues in order to protect our intellectual property.
Managing Finances
The office manages fees for obtaining intellectual property rights as well as licensing income.