Patent Publication Information PP

The University of Tokyo Patent Publication Information

"The University of Tokyo Patent Publication Information PP" is a page for introducing patents or patent applications of the University of Tokyo with the inventions of transferable technologies. If you are interested in any invention or licensing, please contact us via "Contact" page (please refrain from contacting the inventor directly).

Classification of the patent

Based on the International Patent Classification (IPC), they are classified into the following A to H sections. In addition, when a patent is applied in more than one sections, it is included in the main section (may be more than one).

A section Human necessities (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, foods, domestic  articles, hygiene, sports, games, etc.)
B section Performing operation; Transporting (performing method/device, casting, machine tool, working of plastic, land vehicle, ship or other waterborne vessels, etc.)
C section Chemistry; metallurgy (inorganic/organic chemistry, cement/concrete, dye, biochemistry, metallurgy, coating to metal materials, crystal growth)
D section Textiles; Paper
E section Fixed constructions (road/railways, building, etc.)
F section Mechanical engineering; lighting; heating; weapon; blasting (machines, combustion method/engines, fluid-pressure actuator, hydraulics/pneumatics, refrigeration/cooling, heat exchange etc.)
G section Physics (measuring/testing, optics, photography/cinematography, controlling, calculating/counting, educating, cryptography, musical instrument/acoustics, information storage, nucleus physics/nuclear engineering etc.)
H section Electricity (electricity/electronic elements, electronic circuitry,  electric technology)