Support for the university startups

System to support university startups

The Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) provides various support for entrepreneurs and university-originated startup companies aiming to commercialize and implement research and educational outcomes at our university.

The support for university-initiated startups by the University of Tokyo started in 2004 by three parties, DUCR, The University Tokyo TLO and The University of Tokyo Edge Capital. In 2007, we established the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza which is an incubation facility that is able to accommodate bioscience startups. Also, in 2016, The University of Tokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd. was established to further accelerate the creation of innovative startups. It has become clear that, in developed countries, universities and university-originated startups are the key drivers of the innovation that create new industry and change society. The University of Tokyo is committed to drive the innovation by promoting and supporting startup companies.


Activities to support university startups

One-stop shop for community members

The Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) has established a one-stop shop for university faculty, staff and students who are considering starting a new business as a means of contributing to the society by applying their research results. Please feel free to contact us.


Incubation facilities

DUCR operates and manages incubation facilities for people and companies aiming to practically implement the research and educational outcomes of the University of Tokyo. Please access this link for information about the specifications and application process of the various incubation facilities.

Entrepreneurship education and student project support

DUCR provides lectures and courses on entrepreneurship and startups for students and postdoctoral researchers at our university. We also provide support for student projects that may become a future startup. For details of each program, please follow the link.

Related support companies

DUCR promotes university-originated startups through close collaboration with related support companies who provide funding. For the details, please refer to each company’s web site.