Activities & Programs

Promotion of Collaborative Research between Industry and the University

Support for the university startups

  • Supporting start‐ups and young entrepreneurs
    • -One‐stop shop for community members
    • -Legal support (Only available to university members)
    • -Management consultation (Only available to university members)
  • Incubation facilities
    • -The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza
    • -UCR Plaza Incubation Room
    • -Incubation Rooms on Komaba Campus
    • -The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza Shared Incubation Room
  • Entrepreneurship education and student project support
    • Lectures for graduate/undergraduate students and researchers
    • -The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo
    • -"Entrepreneurship I, II, III" (Faculty of Engineering)
    • -"Learn entrepreneurs through building board games" (Specialized Seminar)
    • Project Support
    • -TTT (Todai to Texas) Project
    • -Hongo Tech Garage
    • -UTokyo 1000k
    • -Summer/Spring Founders Program
    • EDGE‐NEXT (Exploration and Development of Global Entrepreneurship for NEXT generation), Education program for concept of commercialization based on research results
    • -Targeted at undergraduate/graduate students, researchers of institutes, industrial researchers and business producers/development professionals
  • Related support companies
    • -The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co.,Ltd.
    • -UTokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd.
    • -TODAI TLO, Ltd.

Protection, Management, and Licensing of Intellectual Property