Entrepreneurship education and student project support

Entrepreneurship education and student project support

The Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) provides lectures and courses on entrepreneurship and startups for students and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Tokyo. We also provide support for student projects that may become a future startup. For details of each program, please refer to each page.

The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo

The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo is a systematic learning program on entrepreneurship and startups for undergraduate students, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows. It will be the fourteenth term in FY 2018. The Entrepreneur Dojo consists of four courses; Introductory, Basic, Advanced and Entrepreneurship Challenge (Business Plan Contest) and you can start in any of the four courses, or and you can take specific courses on their own.
The Introductory, Basic and Advanced courses are also offered as "Entrepreneurship I, II" classes of the Faculty of Engineering which undergraduates and graduate students from schools other than the Faculty of Engineering are able to take.

"Entrepreneurship I, II" (Faculty of Eengineering)

"Entrepreneurship I, II" (S1, S2 term courses, respectively) is a course subject corresponding to the Introductory, Basic, and Advanced courses of the Entrepreneur Dojo. Please check the syllabus as well as the " The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo" website.

The University of Tokyo EDGE NEXT Program

The  EDGE NEXT program has been developed based on the principle of a collaboration among the 4 universities of The University of Tokyo, the University of Tsukuba, Shizuoka University and Ochanomizu University. The program is targeted at undergraduate and graduate students, researchers (including postdoc researchers) from these universities, as well as industrial researchers, business producers/development professionals.
The participants are encouraged to form teams constituting of 2-4 people with diverse experience. Each team is expected to develop a business plan using a research topic that one of the team members has been working on with help from mentors assigned to the team. In addition to the mentoring sessions, there will be several classroom sessions in which the participants can learn about the reality of business world. Toward the end of the program (Advanced Phase), each team will be given opportunities to make a pitch of the plan they have developed in front of business professional both in Tokyo and in the US.
After the presentation sessions, if any of the team members are committed to actually develop a business and the plan is judged to have a good success potential, they can get further professional support to reach the point of fund raising. We encourage everyone who is committed to change the world with their research results to join the program.

The University of Tokyo GTIE Program

GTIE (Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem) is the program that The University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology act as the joint lead institutions for four activities: Entrepreneurial activity support, Entrepreneurship human resources development, Entrepreneurial environment establishment, and Formation and development of ecosystem in order to foster university start-ups that can change the world. UTokyo GTIE program provides practical education activities for commercialization based on research results for researchers at universities and research institutes and also R&D engineers and business persons in corporation.

TTTT (Todai to Texas) Project

TTT (Todai to Texas) Project is a project aimed to support students and startup companies to participate in the world-famous innovation conference, South by Southwest (SXSW) 's Trade Show.

Hongo Tech Garage

Hongo Tech Garage is a secret base for students of the University of Tokyo to do side projects.

UTokyo 1000k

UTokyo 1000k is a product idea contest with a total prize sum of 1 million yen for the students of the University of Tokyo.

The program offor 2017 is over.


Summer/Spring Founders Program

The Founders Program is a program for students at the University of Tokyo that supports technical projects and product development projects concentrated during the summer vacation and spring vacation period.