Division of University Corporate Relations
---The Bridge between Industry and the University of Tokyo

The mission of the Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) is to increase accessibility to University of Tokyo research and, in order to build a foundation of mutual cooperation, to offer proactive support to both domestic and foreign industry.

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News & Events

Press releases and hosted events are listed here.

Business Overview

An introduction and general overview of DUCR can be found here.

About DUCR

In order to ensure it comprehensively covered all aspects of industry alliances, DUCR was established to consist of three offices, each of which pursues its own mission.
Additionally, DUCR formed a Tripartite Relations System in partnership with two private companies with which it has close relations.

Proprius21 Feasibility Study

While the final outcome may be substantial and meaningful, ensuring a successful collaboration between two parties with different perspectives often requires that a variety of challenges be overcome even before the commencement of the collaboration.
To facilitate better communication, DUCR offers the Proprius21 Feasibility Study" Program. The effectiveness of this program has been demonstrated in a dozen success stories.

Study Groups, Consortia and Networking

As part of its plaza activities, which precede industry-academia partnership planning, the University of Tokyo is preparing schemes that allow industry and academia to discuss major issues and concepts and narrow them down to specific, individual tasks. Topics include those in which multiple businesses share an interest and those in which the University has deemed it appropriate to solicit participation from multiple businesses. The University hopes to attain satisfactory results through this step, such as joint research, project proposals, applications for national projects, and policy recommendations.

Research Promotion

The University of Tokyo proactively promotes industry-academia collaboration, in the form of joint research, sponsored research and others forms as well.
The procedure is introduced in a stepwise flowchart; DUCR provides its support for industry partners to start each collaboration project smoothly.

Technology Transfers

Our policy for handling intellectual property at the University of Tokyo is intended to protect our intellectual property while at the same time ensuring that it benefits society.
Office of Intellectual Property handles technology licensing, invention management, reporting and cataloging of available technologies, and requests for material transfers from the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding DUCR and industrial alliances with the University of Tokyo can be found here.

Downloadable Documents

Regulations, guidelines and forms relating to industry alliances are listed here.

Map & Directions and Inquiries

We invite parties interested in the research, expertise and intellectual property of the University of Tokyo to contact us.

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