Taking the concept of President Makoto GONOKAMI’s Vision 2020, the Division of University Corporate Relations, DUCR, promotes cooperation between the University of Tokyo and private enterprises, in a way designed to enhance collaboration with organizations through a variety of research-related activities and relationships.
Our aim is to enhance the efficient dissemination of leading edge academic achievements to industries and local communities through university-industry-government collaborative activities such as joint research between the University of Tokyo researchers and private companies, supporting the creation of start-up companies based on university research results, and the strengthening of intellectual property strategies by expanding the Intellectual Property Headquarters with TLOs.
Our aim is to accelerate the creation of innovation in the next generation through the coordination and collaboration between the University, industry, and government and private enterprises in order to solve the various problems confronting human society.We promise to play a leading role in building innovation ecosystems as a "Global Base for Knowledge Collaboration" where the University and industry deeply intermingle and collaborate with each other.


The Division of University Corporate Relations focuses on supporting university-industry joint research activities, as well as incubation activities and entrepreneurship education.
We provide a wide variety of support such as advice on implementation of businesses that utilize research results, networking for various organizations, recommendation for applying for business contests, sales and marketing, procedure for licensing agreement and other series of procedures before and after entrepreneurship including financing and capital policy, etc. to academic staff, postdocs, students and start-up companies to encourage the commercial viability of university research outcomes through university-industry cooperation.


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