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□What is Global Tech EDGE-NEXT.

□Schedule  FY2020  preparing

The University of Tokyo program

□Program Information 

□ EDGE-NEXT 2020 : Application for participant recruitment briefing

FY2020 Program "Basic & Team Building Phase" registration 
After applying for the program, please submit the following necessary document for "Basic & Team Building Phase".
Based on this document and the number of applicants, we may adjust the number of participants.
Necessary document for "Basic & Team Building Phase"

 Voice of the EDGE /EDGE NEXT Program Students

EDGE Students

Submission of Mentoring Report    ※ FY2020 preparing
※When you disclose confidential information at the mentoring session, intermediate pitch, and final pitch, please indicate it by adding "Confidential" mark in the document.

□ EDGE-NEXT "Practical Phase" Results

Notice for FY2020 Students  preparing

How to use Visasq & GLG 

 Visasq document:
 Visasq Application & Result Report Form 

 GLG document:
 GLG Application & Result Report Form 
 GLG Research Request Form 

Submission of Homework


EDGE NEXT Program's Future Schedule and Activity Results 

July 2&3         Basic & Team Building Phase DAY1DAY2
June12(Fri)   FY2020 3rd Online Briefing
May 22 (Fri)   FY2020 1st Online Briefing

Steering Committee 2nd :November 27, 3 rd :March 26
Feb 19-27       Advanced Phase Overseas Training Camp schedule   0312
Feb. 17-18    Education Program for Nationwide Entrepreneurship Teachers and VCs 0312
Dec.12,13   Final Pitch
Nov.11             Intermediate Pitch
Oct.7         “Advanced Phase” Mentor Meeting
Sep.26             1 st Steering Committee
Sep.13,14        “Advanced Phase” Kickoff &  Matching with Mentors
Sep. 04            “Advanced Phase” Schedule
Aug.26,27       Basic & Team Building Camp No.2
July 27 ,28       Basic & Team Building Camp No.1 
July 4               Basic & Team Building Phase  Kickoff
April 2019     Starting from April 2019 Practical Phase scheduled

February 20 - 28, 2019  Advanced Phase Overseas training scheduled
December 14,Friday,2018
Dec. 14 (Fri) “Advanced Phase" final pitch scheduled (Updated Nov. 26)
Judging-criteria in final pitch on Dec. 14 2018