Events at UTokyo

Information on events held at UTokyo which actively invites participation from industries is provided on this page. We look forward to your participation.

To post event information (for UTokyo members only)


  • Google Calendar is utilized.
    (Information is generally in Japanese)
    Each event title is color coded based on the following rules:


■Green: Hongo, Yayoi or Asano Campus area
■Orange: Komaba I or II Campus area
■Red: DUCR related events
■Purple: Kashiwa Campus area
■Hazel: Other campuses or off campus

  • Detailed information of the events can be viewed by clicking on the title of each event.
    Further details such as a link to each event can be viewed on a new window by clicking the “詳細≫” link at the bottom of each event information in the calendar.
  • Other Google calendar functions (e.g. change the calendar view, copy to My Calendar, Map information) can still be used.