Incubation facilities

Incubation facility

As part of the startup support activities, the Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) of The University of Tokyo operates and manages incubation facilities for people aiming to implement the outcomes of the University of Tokyo's research and educational.

The University of Tokyo regards it as one of the important missions of the university to commercialize its own research results and return it to society. These incubation facilities are facilities for those who intend to commercialize their own intellectual property, such as patents, in the form of startup companies. Students, graduate students and researchers who have undergone various forms of innovation education at our university are also eligible to use incubation facilities.

Currently, there are four types of incubation facilities operated by the DUCR. The facilities can be used 24 hours a day 365 days unless there are special circumstances. Not only can users use the facilities but they are also able to utilize the other startup support programs that DUCR provides, such as legal support, network opportunities, and introduction to various professional services. We provide various supports for commercialization through introduction to investors and various companies.

If you are interested in using the incubation facilities, you will be required to submit an application form, which will be reviewed and judged by a committee. Also, if you intend to use the private room of the Entrepreneur Plaza as a wet laboratory, you will need to submit appropriate applications in accordance with the various regulations of the University of Tokyo's Life Science Committee. Application is open as long as there are available rooms, but due to the nature of the incubation facility, even if there are a vacancies, applications may not be accepted so that some rooms may be kept vacant. Please contact DUCR regarding availability and application procedures.

General flow for application

1. Inquiry
2. Meeting with DUCR staff
3. Submit applications
4. Review of the application
5. Signing contract and move-in
6. Application for laboratory use (*) Required only when using the Entrepreneur Plaza room as a wet laboratory

The four types of facilities currently in operation are listed below. The main differences of the four facilities are summarized in the table below. Please refer to the pages of each facility and application guidelines on each page for details.

  • The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza

    The Entrepreneur Plaza is the largest facility among the four facilities and was opened on Hongo Campus in 2007 housing a total of 29 rooms with roughly 58m² of space each. 20 of these rooms that are located on the 4th - 7th floors can be used as an office but can also be used as a wet laboratory capable of conducting P2 level biotechnology experiments.

  • UCR Plaza Incubation Room

    About 50m² of office space in the UCR plaza (located on Hongo Campus) has been operating as incubation rooms since the establishment of DUCR in 2004. These incubation rooms are available not only for startup companies but also for entrepreneurs before they incorporate as a company.

  • Incubation Rooms on Komaba Campus

    Starting in 2009, we have offices of around 27m² as well as around 68m² in the Collaborative Research Building located on the Komaba II Campus as incubation rooms for startup companies and entrepreneurs.

  • The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza Shared Incubation Room

    Since 2012, we operate a room in the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza as a shared office where entrepreneurs and startup companies can start a business by using a desk in the shared office.

Four types of incubation facilities operated by DUCR

 Name of facility

The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza

Incubation Room

Incubation Room on Komaba Campus

Entrepreneur Plaza Shared Incubation Room


Hongo Campus

UCR Plaza in Hongo campus

In Komaba II Campus Collaborative Research Building

University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza

Room size

Approximately 58m²

Approximately 50m²

Approximately 27m² or 68m²


Number of  rooms

29 rooms

Several rooms

Several rooms

16 desks


20 rooms available for use as a wet laboratory

Office use only

Office use only

Desk use

Length of  Term

1 to 3 years
(Possible to renew contract up to 2 times)

1 year
(Extension possible)

1 year
(Extension possible)

1 year
(Extension possible up to 2 years)

Contract form

Lease agreement with outside contractors and a MOU with University of Tokyo


Lease agreement with the University of Tokyo

Lease agreement with the University of Tokyo

Contract with outside contractors and a MOU with the University of Tokyo


Contact information

If you are interested please contact DUCR for details.

Company list

The companies currently using the facilities as well as list of major former occupants are available below.