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The Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) at the University of Tokyo is under the direct control of the University’s president. Its objective is to build a foundation of mutual cooperation between industry and the University, and to offer proactive support to both domestic and global industry.DUCR is organized into two offices; the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which engages in activities to achieve its goal of implementing the University’s outcomes of “creative research” to society, while keeping an overview of the multiple possible paths to the goal; and the Office of Intellectual Property, which manages intellectual property and supports its practical application. The division also cooperates fully with the administrative group of the University Corporate Relations Department, part of the university’s administration when handling promotion and the implementation of relevant administrative work.DUCR also works closely with TODAI TLO, Ltd. (CASTI); UTokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd. (UTokyo IPC); and the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd. (UTEC).
The construction of the UCR Plaza on Hongo Campus was completed in March 2004. TODAI TLO, Ltd., the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd., and other affiliated organizations are located there.The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza was completed in June 2007, and its facilities include the "incubation rooms", in which we assist with the promotion of start-up businesses.

Organization chart

Organization chart

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(in charge of industry-academia-government collaboration)

Division of University Corporate Relations

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Masahiro SHIBATA