Message from the President

Looking forward to research cooperation with industries by the University of Tokyo

In order to tackle diverse issues that human society faces today, a wide range of people need to share knowledge, utilize the shared knowledge, and collaborate for taking actions.

Under the circumstances, the importance has grown especially of collaboration between industries and universities, for utilizing the leading-edge knowledge pursued by universities and spreading it effectively to society.

The University of Tokyo has created over 500 inventions and conducted about 1,600 collaborative research projects each year based on its top-level educational and research capabilities, which have led to the establishment of over 200 startups around the University. The University of Tokyo will develop further the eco-system evolving around the University based on academic pursuit, at the same time sophisticating and reforming the systems for intellectual property management and operation.

The University of Tokyo will continue making efforts for establishing an environment as a “Global Base for Knowledge Collaboration” where the industries and academia involve each other deeply and work together, beyond the boundaries among faculty, students, working people, and their age groups. In this way, the University intends to continue contributing toward the resolution of social issues.

The University of Tokyo would appreciate your further support for its challenges in the research cooperation activities with industries.

President, the University of Tokyo