The University of Tokyo GTIE Program

Startup Ecosystem Formation Support Project “GTIE Program”
□ Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem (GTIE)
The University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology act as the joint lead institutions for four activities: Entrepreneurial activity support, Entrepreneurship human resources development, Entrepreneurial environment establishment, and Formation and development of ecosystem in order to foster university start-ups that can change the world.

Vision: Fostering university start-ups that can change the world
□ UTokyo GTIE program
Practical education activities for commercialization based on research results (proprietary technologies) for researchers at universities and research institutes and also R&D engineers and business persons in corporation.
The University of Tokyo is in charge of entrepreneurship human resource development activities for researchers within the GTIE, and aims to produce many start-ups based on research results through practical support for commercialization.
Structure of program
•1st phase: Learn basic methods for utilizing research results in business
•2nd phase: Pitch and networking
•3rd phase: Make hypothesis based business plan
•4th phase: Verification of hypothesis (individual support)
Annual schedule of program

“1st phase”
Feature of 1st phase:
Structure of 1st phase:
Step 1 (each person): Study e-learning materials at a convenient time and prepare homework slides for each topic and upload them on Slack.
Step 2 (all persons): Gather bi-weekly online (Zoom meeting) with all participants (Friday 5:00pm-6:30pm) to present slides prepared by each participant
Step 3 (all persons): Participants other than the presenter make comments (good and bad points) on slides from the standpoint of the "expected customer”.
Step 4 (each person): Based on the comments from the participants, create the first draft of the business plan and prepare for the pitch in August.
Structure diagram of 1st phase 

Four themes that transform research results into business value
•Theme 1: How to utilize your research results (technology) to solve problems and its competitiveness
•Theme 2: Target customers and the issues (problems) they are facing
•Theme 3: Product or service specifications to solve customer issues
•Theme 4: The size and growth of the target market, which is the assembly of expected customers, and the products that satisfy their requirements (product specifications, sales methods, prices, and sales with competitive advantages)

Date and time
•May 13, 2022 ~ End of July
•Online group training 6 times: 5/13  5/27  6/10  6/24  7/8  7/22
•Every other Friday from 6 pm to 7:30 pm (by online)

Application (Deadline July 15, 2022)
[Applicants and fee]
•Free for researchers at universities and research institutes
•50,000 yen per person for R&D engineers (who bring technology which is basis for the business) and business persons (who have business development experiences) in company (Individuals can participate in the program without being dispatched by a company.)
※We ask participants from company to submit the following application form additionally to pay the fee.  
UTokyo GTIE corporate university association (2022) 1st phase application form (in Japanese)

 [Requirements for participation]
•In principle, we will accept all the above-mentioned eligible applicants who submit the following application form and the following written oath form.
•Application form for 1st phase (Deadline July 15, 2022)
Even if you plan to participate as a team, we will ask each person to apply using the form below.

Application Form 

•Written oath: Please sign the following written oath and send it by pdf to UTokyo GTIE Office.
written oath
[Notification of acceptance and future schedule]
•After confirming receipt of the written oath, we will contact you regarding acceptance and the schedule (Zoom URL etc.) at the address which you input in the application form.
Contact: UTokyo GTIE Office