Proprius 21 Plus

Assistance in Pairing  the Technological Challenges Faced by Businesses with the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) Research Seeds

One of DUCR’s key missions is to contribute to society by facilitating the real-world implementation of new and advanced technologies and technological services through university-industry collaboration. UTokyo has a staff of 6,600 academics and researchers, engages in approximately 1,700 university-industry research and development projects annually, produces roughly 600 new inventions a year, and delivers research results and outputs that are acclaimed worldwide. DUCR provides a variety of partnership coordination services for both businesses and researchers, specially customized for each participant in order to ensure the best possible match of researchers with businesses’ needs.

1) Support in searching for and partnering with university research seeds to ensure the best collaborators for your business needs

2) Facilitating the search for relevant research in new technologies across all research laboratories in the university’s departments and graduate schools, suggesting promising university research seeds suitable for each individual phase of your business plan

3) Detailed evaluation of potential collaborative tasks based on your company’s business plan, collection and analysis of relevant information in order to clarify these tasks