List of major former occupants

Cirius Technologies Inc.

Location-based advertising platform targeting mobile device users
Acquired by Yahoo Japan Corporation on August 16, 2010

EyePlusPlus, Inc.
Development and sale of living support system for the visually impaired

Advanced Soft Materials Co., Ltd.
Development and sales of new polymer materials

Morpho Inc.
Development and sales of various image processing technologies for mobile devices
July 21, 2011 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index

Da Vinci Inc.
Research and development on heat utilization technology

Littel Inc.
Development and sale of information retrieval technology and recommendation technology
January 19, 2011 Acquired by NEXT Corporation

Advanced Photonics Corporation
Development, manufacture and sale of photoelectric conversion modules and optical wiring boards

Phyzios Corporation
Development and sale of various software using particle simulation applied to entertainment markets 【M & A: acquired by Google】

Cell Cross Corporation
Research and development of communication systems based on two-dimensional communication technology

Bioethanol Innovation Technology Research Association

Research and development of cellulose-based bioethanol production technology

Euglena Corporation
Development and sales of various products using micro algae (Scientific name: Euglena)
December 20, 2012 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index
December 3, 2014 Market change to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

ITMG Corporation
Companies that innovates the Internet

X-ability Co., Ltd.
Development and sales of computational chemistry GUI and speeding solver, contract development of supercomputer related software

Genome Drug Discovery Research Institute, Inc.
Development of drugs for treating bacterial and viral infections utilizing proprietary technology from silkworm infection models

MUJIN Corporation
Development and sales of teachless system for industrial robots based on OpenRAVE

Megakaryon Corporation
Development of high-quality platelets and erythrocytes from the iPS cell without relying on blood donation

Intellectual Backyard Co., Ltd.
Private laboratory to commercialize university technologies

Assemblogue Co., Ltd.
Development of systems that enables individuals to manage and utilize their own data themselves

AsukaLab Corporation
Development of mixed reality system and contents production business

Prometech Software Co., Ltd.
Software development, consulting and sales in the field of computational simulation

Nowcast Inc.
Analysis of economic data and development of economic indicators

Production of test wafers (processed Si wafer) for semiconductor manufacturing. Development and provision of HB (heat beam) device technology capable of forming thin film crystals)

PeptiDream Co., Ltd.
Drug development using special peptide synthesis technology

Xenoma Corporation

Planning and development of products utilizing stretchable electronics

Nicogory Co., Ltd.
Standardization of legal data and exchanges, optimization of legal problems through artificial intelligence

IzumoBASE Corporation
Development and sales of scalable distributed storage software to become a cloud platform

foo.log Co., Ltd.
Web service business to manage and record diet and lifestyle habits

Providing services for all stakeholders in the field of rare and intractable diseases

Altpaper Co., Ltd.
AltPaper business and database system business

Mist Technologies Co., Ltd.
Content delivery platform business applying P2P communication technology between browsers

popIn Corporation
Provision of intelligent service such as content discovery platform corresponding to native advertisement

PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd.
Web data analysis with natural language analysis engine as the core