List of current users

The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza

IDAC Theranostics, Inc.

Research and development of antibody drugs

Exergy-Power Systems Co., Ltd.

LPixel Inc.
Research, development and sales of image analysis software in the life science field

Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd.
Biorefinery business using non-edible biomass raw materials

Research Institute for Computational Science Co. Ltd.
Research and development of large scale parallel finite element method simulations.

Genomedia Inc.
Research and development of comprehensive analysis technology of genome information / clinical information

GORYO Chemical, Inc.
Development and sale of fluorescent probes for intraoperative rapid diagnosis

Production of science contents and services mainly in medical field

Cyfuse Biomedical K.K.
Research and development of regenerative medicine products and drug discovery technology making use of bio 3D printing technology

ThinkCyte Co., Ltd.

Research and development of ultra-high speed and sensitive cell analysis technology

CellFiber Co., Ltd.

Z2One Co., Ltd.

Provide solutions for vibration and noise phenomena (software, hardware, consulting)

TAK-Circulator Corporation Development and sales of various drug discovery and biotech tools

TierIV Corporation Research, development and sales of automatic driving technology, products and services

TES Holdings Inc.
Research and development of medical technology concerning regenerative medicine of skins and bones


Contribute to the creation of a good posture, extension of healthy life expectancy and creation of healthy society

NExT-e Solutions Co., Ltd.

Development, manufacture and sales of next-generation BMS for Li-ion battery for electric vehicles

Fairy Devices Inc.
Audio/music information processing software development, UI / UX software development


Development of noninvasive self-blood glucose sensor

Realglobe Co., Ltd.
Development of "C4SA" which is the foundation system for building cloud IDE service

Lily MedTech Inc.
Development of diagnostic imaging systems for breast cancer

The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.
Entrepreneur support program "UTEC EIR (Entrepreneurs In Residence)"


UCR Plaza Incubation Room

Startbahn, Inc.
Operation of art dedicated SNS "startbahn ("


Komaba CCR Incubation Room


Justice Technologies Inc.

Planning, development, sales and maintenance of database software and systems using out-of-order execution engines

Advanced Smart Mobility Co., Ltd.
Development, manufacture and sales of automatic driving systems