The University of Tokyo EDGE NEXT Program

Global Tech EDGE NEXT and The University of Tokyo program

□What is Global Tech EDGE-NEXT.

□Information of The University of Tokyo program
The University of Tokyo program consists of four phases: Pre-Basic, Basic, Advanced, and Practical Phase.




FY2021 Pre-Basic Phase participation process

Date: May 7 - June 25 (17:30 - 19:30 every Friday) 
Application: Currently accepting (Registration and submitting of file required) 

Step 1 (register basic information)
Please click "Application site" below and input name, organization, appeal keword (2-3 words), etc.
Application site   
※(Application closed)  

Step 2 (send slide)
Please download template for "Template for self introduction" below, fill out and send the file to EDGE-NEXT Office ( by e-mail three days before each session day. We will send Zoom URL for partcipation by e-mail after we receive your file. Please note that doing self introduction is a necessary condition for this Pre-Basic Phase. If you would like to appeal your (business) idea, please download "Template for networking (finding team members)", fill out and send the file to EDGE-NEXT Office by e-mail three days before each session day. We prepare the opportunity for you to explain it at networking time.
Pre-Basic Phase template for self introduction

Pre-Basic Phase template for networking (finding team members)

Step 3 (participants information)
You can check participants information by clicking the following URL. If you would like to contact specific person, please contact EDGE-NEXT Office ( by e-mail at any time. We will inform you of contact information. Please utilize it to form a team.

 List of participants information (06_24_2021)

Step 4 (self introduction on the session day)
Please join by Zoom URL sent from EDGE-NEXT Office. We will request all participants to do self introduction within one minute by using template which you input. We put a code (such as DI101) on the slide of each person, so please confirm it. You can utilize the code when you find the interesting participant and contact him/her later. 

Step 5 (networking for finding team members)
We will hold networking for finding team members after explanation of overall program and the invited talk. We will ask participants who made the template for networking (finding team members) to explain it. In addition to those participants if you find the person you would like to contact after listening to the self introduction or you would like to appeal your idea, you can have an opportunity to appeal. In such case please make and send the slide for networking to EDGE-NEXT Office after the session.


FY2021 Program "Basic Phase" registration 

Date: July 8(9:30-18:00), July 9(9:00-17:00), July 30(9:30-17:00), August 26(14:00-17:30), August 27(9:30-17:00) (5 days)
Please apply from the following site.
Application site 
※(Application closed)

FY2021 Program "Advanced Phase" registration


Sep 17
(9:00-17:00)、Oct 15(9:30-17:00) 
Nov 18(9:45-13:00)、Nov 19(9:45-13:00)    ← (Overseas training 1: online)

Dec 2(9:00-12:00)、Dec 3(9:00-12:00)    ← (Overseas training 2: online)
Dec 13(13:00-19:30) 
Feb 16(9:00-12:00)、Feb 17(9:00-12:00)   ← (Overseas training 3: online)
Feb 18(8:00-12:30)、Feb 19(8:00-12:00)   ← (Overseas training 3: online)

Application site

FY2021 Program "Practical Phase" registration


Notice for Students  

Basic Phase: Excel sheet for filling out the problem research plan

Submission of Mentoring Report    
※When you disclose confidential information at the mentoring session, intermediate pitch, and final pitch, please indicate it by adding "Confidential" mark in the document.

Voice of the EDGE /EDGE NEXT Program Students

EDGE Students

"Practical Phase" Results


EDGE NEXT Program's Future Schedule and Activity Results 


Feb. 16 - 19   Overseas training (San Diego/San Jose)
Jan. 20 - Feb. 15 Education Program for Entrepreneurship Teachers
Dec.13           “Advanced Phase” Final Pitch
Dec.2・3      Online overseas training by Startup Navigators
Nov. 18・19   Online overseas training by UCSD
Oct. 15          Lectures & Intermediate Pitch
Oct.1             EDGE EDGENEXT OB/OG Meeting
Sep.17     Advanced Phase DAY1
Aug. 26・27  Basic Phase  DAY4 DAY5 
Aug. 23・24    1st Steering Committee    
July. 30           Basic Phase DAY3
July. 8-9          Basic Phase DAY1 DAY2
May.7-June.25   Pre Basic Phase 8 sessions

Mar. 26    4th Steering Committee
Feb. 19-24   Overseas Training DAY6-DAY9 
Jan. 19 - Feb. 16  Education Program for Entrepreneurship Teachers
Jan.21/25      3rd Steering Committee
Dec.18    Final Pitch in Japan 
Dec. 4     NEDO TCP Entry Judgment Pitch
Nov. 17 & 18 Overseas Training DAY1 DAY2
Oct. 28 & 30  2nd Steering Committee
Oct. 9           “Advanced Phase Online DAY2 Intermediate Pitch“
Sep. 11         “Advanced Phase” Online DAY 1
Aug. 27 & 28 “Basic & Team Building Phase” DAY3. DAY4
Aug. 25     1st Steering Committee 
July. 2 & 3   Basic & Team Building Phase DAY1DAY2 
June. 12(Fri)  FY2020 3rd Online Briefing
May. 22 (Fri)    FY2020 1st Online Briefing

Steering Committee 2nd :November 27, 3 rd :March 26
Feb 19-27       Advanced Phase Overseas Training Camp schedule   0312
Feb. 17-18    Education Program for Nationwide Entrepreneurship Teachers and VCs 0312
Dec.12,13   Final Pitch
Nov.11             Intermediate Pitch
Oct.7         “Advanced Phase” Mentor Meeting
Sep.26             1 st Steering Committee
Sep.13,14        “Advanced Phase” Kickoff &  Matching with Mentors
Sep. 04            “Advanced Phase” Schedule
Aug.26,27       Basic & Team Building Camp No.2
July 27 ,28       Basic & Team Building Camp No.1 
July 4               Basic & Team Building Phase  Kickoff
April 2019     Starting from April 2019 Practical Phase scheduled

February 20 - 28, 2019  Advanced Phase Overseas training scheduled
December 14,Friday,2018
Dec. 14 (Fri) “Advanced Phase" final pitch scheduled (Updated Nov. 26)
Judging-criteria in final pitch on Dec. 14 2018